The City Of Newark Is On The Rise!

This question is for my Nork Peeps! Ever told someone you lived in Newark NJ and they look at you with the O my face? I lived in New Jersey for about 10 years off and on now. I left and come right back. My first taste of Newark NJ was in 2007. Ok wait! So let me back track a little. I grew up in a housing development(The projects) In the middle of Washington Heights NY. A predominately Spanish community. I live there during my childhood to my late 20’s. Fast Forward. Move to Newark NJ and man… all I can say is… It was different. Culture shock at its highest level. Everyone looked like me minus the dreadlocks, meaning I was around more Southern Black Americans. At this time nothing was being built or redeveloped. I remember at the time I was smoking cigarettes, guess where I used to get them? At May Mays! May Mays was the local Chinese restaurant. May May… let me get 4 chicken wings and 2 loose cigarettes and a ice tea. Lol sounds crazy right. Not to mention at the time of my residency in Newark, our mayor Sharp James was going to jail. Now I consider my self to have tough skin.. I been in some shit, I got my hands dirty in these street, but this one incident that occur on my block cause me to pack it up. Fast forward, I move to Springfield Nj, Fucking Boring! Waking up to deers, bugs and senior citizens wasn’t for me. Fast forward 3 years later moved to East New York Brooklyn. Spent a few years out there, planing my next move.Heard Newark was on the rise. So I decided to give it another try. Fast forward Im Back! I now reside in downtown Newark, the heart of the city.  Loving the changes made along Springfield avenue from the new shopping area, dining and new housing. The whole downtown area is undergoing a facelift. Some residence here are not embracing the changes. Their main concern is what happens when the big dogs come in and create this luxuary city like New York. What happens to moms and pops. Can we afford to live in the city we grew up in or be pushed out by the cost of living. Mayor Ras Baraka reassures the residents of Newark that the city’s changes will benefit everyone. Mayor Ras Baraka also stated that we have to develop somewhere(Downtown Newark). so you have to build an attractive city to drive in investors in order to create jobs for the city. Heard You Mayor Baraka!

Audio Sources: AbC7News. NJTVNews

Written by Bam Sutton

IG @bamwiththecam.


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